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  • £19000 - £21000 per annum
  • V85100421
  • Surrey
  • Jamie Argyll
  • Permanent
  • Real Estate

Job Details

Personal Requirements
A hard-working, honest, dependable, self-motivated person to act as school caretaker/cleaner and school cleaning supervisor.
Duties and Responsibilities

  • Opening and closing, unlocking and locking of school gates and buildings
  • Open and close the school for evening use at times arranged by the Headteacher
  • Un-setting and setting of school alarm system
  • Overall security of the school premises including the locking of all windows, doors and gates.
  • You may be called out at unsociable hours or at weekends to deal with security
      problems, make emergency repairs or allow access to any contractor who may be     working on the site, in school holidays or weekends.
Cleaning duties will include the following:
  • To clean designated areas of the school to the highest possible standards
  • Mopping and buffing hard floor surfaces
  • Buffing and maintaining flooring in school hall and Gym
  • Vacuuming carpeted areas
  • Wiping, polishing, dusting of designated areas
  • Spot cleaning of spillages
  • Emptying and cleaning bins
  • Cleaning of toilets and toilet areas, and replenishment of paper towels, toilet rolls and other disposables.
  • Cleaning of internal glass, internal and external door glass and internal side of
      external windows
  • Cleaning of external windows at ground level as necessary
  • Straightening furniture and general tidying up of designated areas
  • Returning to school between shifts if required
  • Upkeep and general care of the school
  • Unlocking and re-locking bins in preparation for pick-up
  • Ensuring that external rubbish is stored appropriately
  • Sweep yards, pick up litter and be responsible for the removal of all debris from
      paths, play areas, grassed areas, flowerbeds and all entrances.
  • To empty internal communal rubbish bins daily and work with pupils and staff on recycling initiatives.
  • Carrying out minor repairs to property, fixtures, fittings and equipment, which are not beyond the scope of an unskilled handyman.
  • Drawing the attention of the appropriate authorities, via the Site Manager/School Business Manager, to any repairs or maintenance work, which is beyond the competence and responsibility of Caretaking staff.
  • Directing workmen and contractors to the sites of repair and maintenance work and inspecting the work of contractors where there is a requirement to sign a satisfaction note.
  • General porterage duties and moving of furniture
  • Assisting teaching staff with simple tasks as requested
  • Checking damage/security every morning on arrival at the premises
  • Lettings as required - opening, closing and general duties
  • Preparation of Hall for functions as required
  • Receive and check goods and supplies and take them to the appropriate place for
  • Ensure that all refuse is disposed of promptly and stored away from the main
  • Routinely clean lamp shades and light diffusers (strip lights). The height limit is
      eleven feet
  • Ensure that clear passage is maintained on fire escape routes
  • Test fire alarms weekly. Maintain test register
  • Carry out periodic cleaning of all internal surfaces to a height of eleven feet from
      floor level
  • Report any defects of building, furniture, fittings and equipment to the Secretary
      and Headteacher
  • Regular check of roofs for pooling, debris, plant growth etc.
  • Regularly check and clean soffits, bargeboards and external lights
  • Keep all hard surfaces free of moss and weeds
  • Disinfect drains and dustbins regularly
  • Make safe any hazards and ensure that the area is cordoned off
  • Keep paths, entrances free of ice and snow to ensure the safety of children, parents, staff and visitors.
  • Noting, monitoring and reporting any defects in the school buildings to the
Site Manager and Head teacher.
  • Meet regularly with the Facilities Manager & School Business Manager re: Health and Safety issues and Building Maintenance
  • Heating, Lighting and Water
  • The switching off of all lights and appropriate electric plug sockets
  • Ensure that all lights and heating are working effectively
  • Read Gas, Electric and Water metres as required
  • Monitoring and setting of heating controls and boilers
  • Be aware of the location of all stopcocks, gas and electricity meters and read meters as required.
  • Ensure that the boiler house is tidy and that no flammable material is stored there
  • Using appropriate PPE, replace, repair fluorescent tube starters and fluorescent tubes up to a height of eleven feet.
  • Any other work requested by, and deemed appropriate by, the Facilities Manager and Head Teacher by agreement with the caretaker.