Permanent Recruitment

Vox Network Consultants are specialists in sourcing some of the most niche and skilled permanent employees in the construction, infrastructure and engineering sectors.


  • No upfront cost
  • Full requirements analysis
  • Free Advertising
  • Database Search
  • 1 month free replacement
  • 30 day payment terms
  • Bulk Discounts available

Finding the very best talent, at speed, that can slot seamlessly into your businesses cultural environment is the dream for many employers.  However, we understand this can be tricky, especially in the candidate driven market where the competition for talent is often fierce.

We take a personalised, strategic approach to Contingent Search, working in partnership with you to firstly understand your specific requirements, culture & values.  We then promote your business to our niche candidate talent pools that have been built using modern sourcing methods as well as selecting the most appropriate channels, tactics & tools to ensure we can identify and capture the very best talent to help you grow and become a leader within your industry.

Exclusive, our standard offering but with added benefits including:

  • Video interview in addition to CV (industry standard questions)
  • Video headhunting
  • Agreed SLAs & Interview slots (filled by us)
  • 3 month free replacement
  • 60 day payment terms