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Educational Psychologist

Job Details

Role Purpose

  • Educational psychologists (EPs) work at various levels in the local area and apply psychology to promote the inclusion and improve the outcomes of children and young people with SEND (including emotional wellbeing and mental health). The service promotes a consultation model aligned with the SEND Code of Practice Assess Plan Do Review process across schools and settings.

  • To maintain the full range of professional knowledge, skills and experience to meet the requirements of the post and work to the Standards of Proficiency and Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics published by the HCPC.
  • To apply a sound understanding of the legislation that guides the work of EPs and adhere to the values and time scales within this work.
  • To maintain a working knowledge of key strategies and strategic values of the Local Area and EPS and ensure there is alignment with individual practice and performance.
  • To proactively support the development of culturally responsive practice relating to the role of Educational Psychology.
  • To promote learning organisation methodology, e.g. use learning from case work to enable systems level work and adaptations to internal systems.
  • To lead small projects or programmes of work in the EPS or in educational settings.
  • Volunteer to hold lead positions for the EPS, e.g. AEP rep, consultant for specialist areas (e.g. Downs Syndrome, hearing impairment, therapies or interventions).
  • To develop supervisory skills following a recognised approach, for TEP supervision, peer supervision, education staff and other professionals.
  • To use group techniques (e.g. solution circles, nominal group techniques, rich pictures, appreciative enquiry) to facilitate change and recognise how this work is an important part of local area leadership

Knowledge and Experience
  • Experience and/or interest in multi-disciplinary work.
  • Experience of working with a wide range of professional agencies.
  • Extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the major issues relating to the education of vulnerable children. and young people with mental health needs.
  • Qualification and/or experience in assessment/intervention in a therapeutic modality.
  • Honours degree in Psychology.
  • Professional EP qualification obtained from a recognised training course.
  • Successful experience as either a qualified Educational Psychologist and/or a trainee EP on placement in the public sector.
  • Skills in working to a consultation model, undertaking psychological assessment and planning/delivering intervention programmes in partnership with schools and other professionals for children and young people.
  • Knowledge of psychological theories and their application in the field of education.
  • Understanding and application of psychological knowledge and theory in relation to individual casework, change and organisations.
  • Thorough understanding of relevant legislation, regulations, statutory frameworks and best practice affecting children and young people with SEN/D.
  • Extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of the major issues facing education for vulnerable pupils with SEN/D.